I provide front‑end development and design services, as well as consultancy on performance, scalability and managing code. I'm available for hire.

I have designed and built websites for well over a decade. My tools of trade are front‑end technologies such as CSS, JavaScript and SVG. On top of that, I have plenty of experience with back‑end systems, which helps when navigating the murky territory along the seams where presentation and data meet. I always focus on performance, accessibilty and long-term, pragmatic solutions. I've had the opportunity to work on e-commerce websites servicing millions of visitors per month, as well as personal websites visited by hardly a hundredth of such count. I consider both types equally important and deserving of the same amount of attention and effort.

I have a knack for designing systems that are easy to manage, scale and automate. Are you struggling with your development process? I could help you find weak spots in your workflow or build a new one from scratch. Looking for a way to beat your competitors in terms of performance and usability? I'm well‑versed in optimization techniques that might shave a few seconds off your loading times or make your website perform better even on less powerful devices. Do you require or perhaps just want to conform to accessibility guidelines? I have a fair amount of knowledge of the underlying problems and ways of making even complex interfaces behave according to the needs of assistive technologies. Do you need to support older browsers, but detest compromising on the resulting experience? I design products that naturally provide the core functionality even in the most hostile environments, thanks to the notion of progressive enhancement.

My approach to visual design is quite simple. I place the content itself at the forefront of the process by first laying down a typographical system to estabilish proper hierarchy and flow. I often break a rule or two though, because, well, rules tend to be rather stifling. What follows is a mixture of hard work, dedication and obsessive attention to detail that carries on until I'm proud of the result. When it comes to trends, I treat them for what they are—passing and short-term. On the other hand, I always aim to produce something that won't look out of place in a few years' time. Sometimes I horribly fail and learn a great deal in the process. I also hold the opinion that while great looking visuals are worth pursuing, usability is what should have the last say in most decisions of the design process.

If you're still reading, there's a chance we might enjoy working together. I currently live in Prague, but I don't mind taking on remote commissions. You can reach me here.