I create things for the digital realm,
write on the topic of web development,
and teach workshops about JavaScript.

Latest project

Kaiser Franz

Kaiser Franz is an original concept of various forms of gastronomy based on street food and its stalls with burgers can be found at farmers markets in Prague and at events throughout the country. Along with the opening of the Prague based bistro came a desire to change the logo and launch a new website.

Latest article

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Cascade

Many, if not all, of us at Heureka enjoy CSS. Like HTML, it’s a declarative and simple language, with a similarly lax validator that tactfully skips over what it doesn’t know. Unlike HTML, however, lot of people actually lose sleep over CSS. The main culprit tends to be the so called cascade which is sometimes hard to grapple with.

Upcoming workshop

Modern JavaScript

JavaScript is no longer used just for writing simple website scripts. It’s a modern and flexible language that stands out for the freedom it grants when it comes to programming style and application design. That is, paradoxically, also its biggest problem and one of the reasons for the bad reputation it often gets. But it’s also a good reason for getting to know all its specifics, virtues and weaknesses.