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Kaiser Franz

Kaiser Franz is an original concept of various forms of gastronomy based on street food and its stalls with burgers can be found at farmers markets in Prague and at events throughout the country. Along with the opening of the Prague based bistro came a desire to change the logo and launch a new website.

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Prague Archaeological Museum

Samples from a study, to which I contributed editorial design and photography, of the Prague Archaelogical Museum in the area of Těšňov and the so called residual spaces — areas that lay in the various gaps and crevices between roads and motorways, detached from the rest of the city.

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Examiner is a web application for both teachers and students. Its purpose is to help the first group with the dull process of creating and evaluating written tests. The students, then, use the same application for taking the tests. At the end, both groups part ways. Hopefully in peace.

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Different faces of València, taken at the time when I had the fleeting opportunity to live and study in this Spanish city. València is known mainly for its magnificent and photogenic project by the architect Santiago Calatrava, but – if you make the effort – it offers much more than that.